• Esthete Music Design provides tailor made, 

    high quality music management and supervision

    for hi-end professional venues with a top, 

    hand-picked selection by Alexandros Christopoulos.

  • Each selection provided is unique (with continuous content renewal and no ad interruptions)

    as it is created based on the individual needs of each separate venue.

    This very feature sets esthete Music Design apart from other music streaming services who have a “one size fits all” approach.



    The only technical requirement for receiving the service is a basic PC with Microsoft Windows (Laptop, Desktop or Microsoft Surface)


    Esthete Music Design is a subscription-based service.

    There is no minimum subscription period requirement.


    Subscribers to our service are automatically given the permission to mention “Soundtrack Selected by Alexandros Christopoulos” (esthete Music Design) in their relevant social media posts.


    Over the past years we have curated 40 CD compilations with sales exceeding 200.000 units (including 2 Gold Records)

    earning outstanding reviews from the press and our premium brand

    partners as a result of our in-depth knowledge of the adult contemporary market.



    Enquiries: marketing@alexandroschristopoulos.com




    17 Thiseos Str. Palaia Penteli
    15236 – Athens – Greece